Friday, September 04, 2009

Justin's Nut Butter Winner

Congratulations, Michelle! You won the Justin's Nut Butter prize package! You are so lucky.

Take Shannon's suggestion and serve it with a banana, or stir some into some greek yogurt, I think that could work, don't you Josie? Or, even spread it on an apple or celery...sounds like something Erin might do! Whatever you do...enjoy it!


Jennifer 6:30 AM, September 04, 2009  

YAY!, Michelle. You are going to love this (:

Yum Yucky 8:08 AM, September 04, 2009  

It's a good thing Michelle won, because I don't think Joanna could have delivered on "Justin", the sexy college boy if I was the winner.

Jennifer 8:26 AM, September 04, 2009  

YY- Joanna, aka Greedy Reader #1, shared a taste of Justin with me. I seriously cannot believe she shared the love. I keep him locked up in my pantry and can safely say, I won't share my new main squeeze (:

Joanna Sutter, My Favorite Things 10:52 AM, September 04, 2009  


I thought you were locked up for bad behavior? I'm calling your guard to throw away the key.

Now, Justin and I are off to go take a hike.


Shannon 12:52 PM, September 04, 2009  

I tried it. I'm in love!

Joanna Sutter, My Favorite Things 6:44 AM, September 05, 2009  

Justin is one lucky guy! ;-)

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