Friday, August 07, 2009

Guess who won the Somersault Contest?

TANYA is our Somersault drawing winner!

Congratulations! I bet you are doing cartwheels right now! Send a quick email to with your mailing address and I'll hop to the post office to mail your 3 bags of Somersault's

You can all be winners by going to the Somersault Web site and requesting a free sample. While you're there, you can order your healthy Somersault snacks right away and search for where they are sold in your neighborhood. If they don't sell them in your area yet talk to your local grocery store and ask them to start. I'm on a first name basis with my grocery manager and you can bet I'm hand delivering him this letter.

Thanks to everyone for playing along and sharing your thoughts and stories on what makes you feel like a kid again. Your homework assignment for the weekend is to do one thing from our list of contest entries to bring out the kid in you. Just be sure to be home before the street lights come on.

Now, I've got to run, I think I hear the ice cream man!


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