Monday, August 03, 2009

I'm flipping out

The food critic, the marketer, and the kid in me are all aflutter about my latest good-for-you snack find. If you are a fan of healthy snacks packed full of ingredients you can actually pronounce, then I think you might flip for Somersaults, too. 

Somersaults are all natural, round nuggets of toasted grains and sunflower seeds with a hearty crunch. These baked, bite-sized bundles come in three flavors:  S.S. Sea Salt, Chez Cocoa, and Salty Pepper. I sampled all three flavors and I can't decide which ones I like best so I'm going to keep snacking. The sea salt Somersaults remind me of a cross between a sesame cracker and a crouton. The cocoa flavor isn't sweet as you might expect, it contains just the slightest hint of chocolate baked into the salty, nutty mix. The salt and pepper snacks have a zesty snap and a touch of garlic sprinkled on top of each bite.

So far I've enjoyed snacking on Somersaults right out of the bag. But tonight, I might have a few of the Chez Cocoa Somersaults with a cup of decaf for dessert. And, I have a pretty good feeling that either the S.S. Sea Salt or the Salty Pepper flavor will go well with some cheese and fresh fruit for a snack tomorrow after gymnastics. ;-)

Somersaults are packaged up with all of the whimsy you would expect from a product with such a perfectly-silly name. Bags of Somersaults are adorned with bouncing bakers, hand-standing sailors, and cart-wheeling pirates. I have to admit they sold me with their clever packaging, but they'll keep me coming back for the naturally satisfying snacks.

So, for taste, variety, and presentation, I give Somersaults a perfect 10!

Now you be the judge!

Want to give Somersaults a whirl? Hop over to Somersaults and pick some up online or search for where you can find them in your neck of the woods. 

But, before you roll, enter this easy contest and you could
WIN 3 bags of Somersaults! The winner will receive a 6-ounce bag of S.S. Sea Salt, Chez Cocoa, and Salty Pepper Somersaults.  

All you need to do to enter the drawing is 
tell us what makes you feel like a kid again in the comments section below! Be sure to leave your name so we can notify you if you are the lucky winner. The contest ends Thursday, August 6th at midnight so skip right back here on Friday to see if you will be doing Somersaults all weekend long!


Yum Yucky 8:58 AM, August 03, 2009  

Yum! I used to eat sunflower seeds all the time as a child, so that right there reminds me of my kiddo days! (along with laying in the snow for make snow angels in the snow!)

Yum Yucky 9:00 AM, August 03, 2009  

That last part of my comment sounds like I'm a bit drunk. But they're only typos! I don't drink! LOL

Tanya 10:21 AM, August 03, 2009  

Lol @YumYucky. Eating popsicles & messy fruit like pomegranate makes me feel like a kid again - I grew up in HOT Jamaica and we would make them ourselves and eat them all day long.

These chips look great by the way - the packaging. I hadn't seen them before.

Anonymous 1:58 PM, August 03, 2009  

Swinging on a swing.... Hoola hoops are fun too!

Geri 7:00 PM, August 03, 2009  

Just thinking about sitting on the floor and playing a game of jacks!

Joanna Sutter, My Favorite Things 8:12 PM, August 03, 2009  

Fun stuff so far! My turn...I love to skip! When was the last time you skipped?

Skipping "tickles" your heart --as in it's fun for the first 30 seconds and then it turns into a full blown cardio workout in a blink of an eye!

Ali 2:32 PM, August 04, 2009  

Hmm...I would say spinny rides at amusement parks.

Anonymous 3:34 PM, August 04, 2009  

my new gym makes me feel young again!!

Carlos 10:13 PM, August 04, 2009  

Doing yard work or sitting on the backyard patio. When you start to hear the faint sound of music coming from down the street. As it gets closer you start to recognize the tune of the “ICE CREAM MAN!!” You are now running to the front when you realize your wallet is sitting on the kitchen counter. You look, he’s two houses away, you panic and scream, “Mom!! Dad!! ICE CREAM!” You quickly remember you are in your late thirties living on your own and it’s up to you to get that money for your Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream bar. You run with Olympic speed into and out of the house with money grasped tightly in hand. You run down the truck with your heart pounding inside you chest and out of breath you can only point to Mickey Mouse. It is worth every last lick because you can still run down the ICE CREAM MAN!

Jennifer 10:18 PM, August 04, 2009  

Mrs. Beasley, Miss Koefoot and Mrs. Neary's lasagna!

Jennifer 10:34 PM, August 04, 2009  

Big blue van, July, no air conditioning, 18 hours to Miami, Joey's smelly feet but finally getting to Gramzie's for a big hug to her "hunk a babies" then jumping in her pool and the best homemade chocolate chip cookies EVER! Every child should be so lucky as we were! (are) :)

Anonymous 11:44 PM, August 04, 2009  

i miss the Coppertone girl :) woo-woo.

church lady 5:18 AM, August 05, 2009  


Dawn 9:07 AM, August 06, 2009  

Hoola hooping, riding my bike and playing soccer

Olivia 9:38 PM, August 06, 2009  

Playing on the slip n slide with my 7 year old sister and 12 year old brother always makes me feel like a kid again.

Anonymous 10:03 PM, August 06, 2009  

Krispy Kreme after Sunday mass.

Cassie 11:01 PM, August 06, 2009  

Playing with side walk chalk with my favorite 9 year Zoey, outlining our bodies and dressing our "people" up in princess outfits. I always feel like a kid again!

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