Tuesday, August 25, 2009

KOR ONE Contest

Dawn is the winner of our first of four KOR ONE Hydration Vessel drawings! Dawn said she would write, "I'M WORTH IT" under her KOR ONE cap. I couldn't agree more! What a great statement. Watch this short video to learn more about the statement you can make with KOR Water and then read below to see how you could win a KOR ONE, too!

To enter today's contest:
1. Go drink a glass of water
2. In the comments section below tell us the number of ounces you just drank
3. Go refill your water

This contest will end at 12:00 A.M. CST and the winner of the drawing will be revealed on Wednesday!



Geri 7:15 AM, August 25, 2009  

If I had this bottle, I bet I would drink more!

Jennifer 7:15 AM, August 25, 2009  

16 oz (with eBoost) :)

Anonymous 7:22 AM, August 25, 2009  

I did 18 oz I'll have more throughout the day for sure! :D

Andrea 7:23 AM, August 25, 2009  

I just drank 8 oz. It's the first of many today!

Samantha 8:15 AM, August 25, 2009  

8 :)

Dawn 8:39 AM, August 25, 2009  

Yeah!!! I am committing to drinking more water (and less diet coke) daily. Thanks!

Shannon 11:14 AM, August 25, 2009  

40 oz of water...and 24 to go...This means 40 oz less Diet Mtn Dew! That is a miracle!

bobbie 4:23 PM, August 25, 2009  

i lave had 14 oz so far today
i will have more later.

courtney 5:17 PM, August 25, 2009  

I've had a liter bottle of water today and more!

Ali 8:00 PM, August 25, 2009  

I drank just one bottle of water today.

Marlow 8:41 PM, August 25, 2009  

32 ounces baby!!! Aww man, I'll never be able to choose which color bottle now!! I already love having multiple colors of one item but especially when they're all tied to a great cause!

Nicole 12:02 PM, August 26, 2009  

Cool! It’s difficult to choose just one color. Love the video. Here’s another link that tells how Kor was created. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkxlM5LmM_o

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