Thursday, July 30, 2009

Flat-out in Beverly Heels

Hints from Joanna-Louise

Dear Joanna-Louise,
Every pair of jeans in my closet have been tailored to wear with 3.5. inch heels. But what if I want to wear my jeans with flats?  Signed, 
Flat-out in Beverly Heels

Dear Flat-out,
I have the perfect solution. Now you can wear any shoe style with the same pair of jeans just by using Hem Tape. Hem Tape is a double-stick tape designed especially for jeans that lets you change up the length of your jeans easily. So now you can wear your ballet flats or your boots with the same pair of jeans.

Dear Joanna-Louise,
I just bought the most fabulous skinny jeans today. I want to wear them to a party tonight but they are an inch too long. What do I do? Signed, Anita Taylor

Dear Anita,
I can relate to this dilemma as just about every pair of jeans I buy are too long. Have you tried Hem Tape? You can wear your brand new jeans within minutes and have time for a manicure before party time.

Dear Joanna-Louise,
I just won a hip-T on My Favorite Web site. I'm going to wear my shirt with my Jordache jeans but they are a little frayed at the bottom.  What do you suggest? Signed, Carrie DeWay

Dear Carrie,
Congratulations for winning such a fabulous prize! Quick question, are you really sure those jeans are still in style? If so, tape up your tattered jeans with Hem Tape. 

Dear Joanna-Louise,
I have the back to school blues. I just bought some new jeans and I don't want to spend more money to have them hemmed. That, and I don't own a needle or thread. What should I do? 
Signed, No Hemingway

Dear Hemingway,
Relax! You can give your jeans a makeover in minutes without having to sign up for Home-Ec. The durable adhesive of Hem Tape will hold your pants in place for days and you won't even need an iron or scissors. 


Dear Joanna-Louise,
I just ran home for lunch and I spilled hummus on my pants! I paid a small fortune for the jeans I want to throw on and they have a torn hem. Help! I'm late! Signed, Juanita Break

Dear Juanita,
Get a grip! First of all, are you sure it's casual day? Second, if you have some Hem Tape you can repair your fallen hem and be back to work before anyone notices you've taken another long lunch. And third, you have some broccoli stuck in your teeth.

Dear Readers, 
You're probably wondering how you lived without Hem Tape all of this time and where you can get some. Go to, enter the code SUTTERFAVE at checkout and save 20% off your entire order. This discount applies to Hem Tape as well as their other solutions to help with many sticky situations. Hurry offer expires August 15, 2009!


Anonymous 11:56 PM, July 30, 2009  

What a great product! I am super excited to try it.

Anonymous 12:02 AM, July 31, 2009  

I saw this posted on Bristols6 Facebook today! I laughed out loud at the Q and A's! Can I follow you on Twitter?

Joanna Sutter, My Favorite Things 7:02 AM, July 31, 2009  

Please give Hem Tape a try and then come back and let us know how you like this product.

And, please follow me on Twitter @joannasutter and I'll follow you right back.

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