Friday, July 31, 2009

Cereal Killer

There comes a point in everyone's LIFE when it's time to retire Cap'n Crunch, bury the Fruity Pebbles, pass over the Cocoa Krispies, and remind ourselves that Trix really are for kids.

It's time for a grown up cereal. And that is why I invented DIVA-LICIOUS. ;-)

I recently learned about a premium, custom-mixed cereal company called MojaMix. It's a cereal you design yourself. With MojaMix you get to pick your ingredients, name your own invention, and they'll create your customized label and ship it right to you. It's like Moja-Magic without the sugar-coating of Lucky Charms.

Here's what I like about MojaMix:
  • They offer a unique variety of REAL ingredients 
  • You choose your cereal base (because some of us are flakes), add dried fruit, and select nuts and seeds
  • You get to unleash your child-like creativity and give your cereal a name
  • You can see the nutritional value of your cereal during the easy-to-use online design process
  • They use environmentally friendly packaging
  • You can eat your MojaMix like cereal with milk, sprinkle it on top of yogurt, heat it up like oatmeal, or snack on it like trail mix
  • They have impeccable customer service--even offering "do-overs" if you don't get your mix right the first time
What could make MojaMix better? If they would offer us a subscription service so we can have our MojaMix automatically delivered every two weeks. Don't worry, I have them working on this idea ;-).

Now, go say goodbye to Toucan Sam and say hello to Moja. To help with the "morning" process get 10% off all of your MojaMix orders until August 15, 2009. Just enter JOANNASUTTER in the coupon code at checkout. 

R.I.P. Tony the Tiger, it's been grrrreeeeaatttt!


Joanna Sutter, My Favorite Things 6:13 PM, August 04, 2009  

I just ordered another batch of Moja Mix and I named this one Fitness & Spice!

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